3D Not a Favorite among Gamers, Says Survey

October 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

3D, given its current popularity in cinema and television, does seem to be the next logical step in gaming. If you think this is os, you may want to think again!

Playr2 co-founder Simon Kilby thinks developers will have to be careful to tackle issues that the Nintendo 3DS seemed to raise with motion sickness and the like. Here is why: the games comparison and market place guru has conducted a survey which shows that 3D in gaming is not the favorite among masses.

The survey was conducted among 1001 gamers who were asked about the future of 3D in gaming. A total of 51 percent of the gamers said they do not want 3D in their games.

And, only 47 percent said they would like to see 3D in next gen gaming consoles. Two percent of the participants were not sure.

Further, 44 percent of those who said they were against 3D consoles said they felt it was unnecessary, while 28 percent claimed to have played on the Nintendo 3DS and are unimpressed with the console.

Meanwhile, 22 percent said they felt that 3D technology would impair the gaming experience, rather than improve it.

But 3D is all over in the gaming world; that is in the title of Nintendo’s new handheld. The Playstation 3 from Sony also has it, and the Xbox might have it as well.

While the survey may not push the three biggies of the gaming industry to change their plans altogether, but it will be interesting to see what happens when the consoles are finally released.

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