Nokia Meltemi Platform for Mobile Phones Taking Shape

September 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you know, Nokia would ditch both Symbian and MeeGo platforms for Microsoft Windows Phone. But once again, it is developing a proprietary mobile platform code-named Meltemi.

Nokia’s executive vice president of mobile phones Mary McDowell is said to be heading up the project, which will be based on Linux and is intended for low-end smartphones.

Meltemi is built to function on low-cost hardware and would eventually replace the Series 40 platform, which currently powers the Nokia features phones. But the new platform may not be at par with the Android, iOS or the Windows Phone.

We get to learn that the licensing fees, hardware requirements and other costs tied to Windows Phone would never allow Nokia to hit the price points it will achieve with Meltemi, not even with Microsoft’s upcoming Tango, the stripped down version of the Windows Phone.

This does not change Nokia’s plans to offer Windows Phone devices; the company has confirmed that it is their smartphone platform of choice. And,  Meltemi will allow them to bring smartphone functionality to the emerging markets at rock-bottom prices.

If Nokia does hit the bull’s eye with this platform, it will be a turning point in the mobile industry, opening new doors for the world’s top mobile phone vendor by volume in a world of smartphones.

What is your take on this new venture?


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