Apple iPhone 5 Redesigned Model Cases Arrive in AT&T Retail Stores

September 30, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here’s another iPhone 5 news bite for Apple fans. The network carrier AT&T’s inventory database was found to have listed cases, from case manufacturer Case-Mate, for the redesigned iPhone 5.

The list named three different case designs for the fifth-generation iPhone, which also included versions of its Barely There, Pop! and Touch Case lines. But the addition in the list doesn’t offer conclusive proof that Apple would be releasing a redesigned model of its iPhone 5.

The Cupertino company hasn’t yet announced anything regarding the redesigned iPhone 5 and there are talks of the device making way for the “iPhone 4S” design instead, which is almost identical to the iPhone 4. But that didn’t stop AT&T from ordering cases for the rumored iPhone 5 redesign for their retail stores.

Screenshots of iPhone 5 silicone sleeves that arrived in an AT&T retail store have hit the net. These cases display a tapered design and the mute switch is located in the opposite side of the device.

The cases look similar in design to previously shown cases for the device. Earlier, the case manufacturer, Case-Mate, had an online page for showing cases for the rumored redesigned “iPhone 5” form factor.

The company later pulled the page and instead put up a sign-up form for potential customers to receive information. It seems cases are the only evidence we have as of now of the redesigned iPhone 5.


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