RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Android Support Found Lacking

September 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

RIM was trying hard to get the world to like the QNX based BlackBerry PlayBook. Nothing seems to bell the cat though, neither the price cuts nor the major software update that will let users run Google Android apps on the PlayBook.

There won’t be total compatibility for Android apps. During Droidcon at the Eastern European Mobile Monday Developer Summit held inRomania, RIM engineers listed a number of features that will be unavailable when Android apps are run on the PlayBook.

We hear RIM will remove all support for widgets, anything created using the Native Development Kit, support for the battery sucking Live Wallpaper, SIP and SIP VoIP support, Google Maps, text-to-speech and cloud-to-device messaging.

The in-app billing services will also be unavailable. This is sad; Distimo recently reported that 68 percent of the 25 top grossing apps in the Android Market offer in-app purchases.

The software update is expected to roll out next month that will add the Android app player along with PIM support.

How disappointed are you?


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