Apple and Other Smartphone Makers Looking at Curved Glass Covers for Handheld Gadgets

September 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like 2012 will be the year of transformation for handheld devices. And by transformation, we also mean stylized transformation.

Gadget manufacturers including the giant of the industry, Apple, are allegedly gearing up to invest in new technologies that will yield electronics with rounded glass surfaces. Products with curved cover glass, that is the glass on the front of the device, is set to be in vogue for 2012.

The handheld device market, which is currently dominated in a large part by the Cupertino-based Apple, will see some new competition from other makers in this area. But the Cupertino company is also not lagging in this matter.

Apple has reportedly bought 200 to 300 glass cutting machines to help glass makers curve glasses for its devices. This purchase had triggered speculations as to whether the fifth-generation iPhone would be sporting any curved glass cover.

But apparently that rumor did not pick speed, and as the iPhone 5 launch is only weeks away, the chances of the device sporting a curved glass cover is slim. But, if as they say, Apple like its rivals is preparing for the curved glass cover, we might see the first glimpse early next year.

Making the cover glass curved will also result in changes to the touchscreen, so the touch panel sector will also be kept busy with the new style. A change from Apple’s traditional thin and slim models might be viewed next year.

But it needs to be seen whether the curved glass will stay for long, and whatever the rumors are, there is one confirmed curved glass coming from Apple. And that is Apple’s new Spaceship Campus which will be made in a circular pattern with curved glass around the outside.


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