Android Phones Find More Buyers than iOs Devices; Purchase Ratio at 2:1

September 27, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Like it or not, Apple’s iPhones are on the verge of losing their strong hold in the tech world. In the US, studies show that the Google’s Android powered devices are seeing an increase in popularity whereas the iOS machines are sailing through a trough.

Stats put out by Nielsen as a follow up to a survey conducted in August show that the percentage of people who bought the iPhone during the three month period of May to August have fallen from 31 to 28.

Meanwhile, Android purchasers have increased from 49 to 56 percent. The point is, when an iPhone is purchased, two Android smartphones are being sold at the same time in the US.

One interesting thing to be noted is that the rise in Android users is mostly over RIM’s BlackBerry share rather than the iOS. RIM has suffered a huge loss in its share which fell down from 16 to 9 percent in a gap of three months.

In addition, Nielsen’s total share numbers also show a clear fall for RIM and the rise of Android too. One can easily understand this Android rise is mainly due to the number of Android devices that have been released during the period.

Another reason is the availability of the Android devices on all the US carriers, whereas Apple iPhones are mostly seen in AT&T and Verizon.

We think the rise of Android share will continue like this as Google is on the process of bringing in higher versions of their successful OS. This is a matter of concern, but don’t underestimate the Apple iPhones, and so the stats could change more frequently.

We just hope Apple will see their fortunes turn brighter by around the time of the release of iPhone 5 this October. What do you think? Do you expect Apple to strike back?

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