The (almost) Complete List Of Modern Warfare 3 Achievements

September 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

Are you a fan of lists with numbers that follow? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the set of Modern Warfare 3 achievements. has done their job once again and have prided us with an early glimpse of more Modern Warfare 3 goodness. The achievement list is pretty extensive and there’s a slight spoiler included so read at your own risk. The achievements are divided among campaign and Special Ops missions leaving multiplayer out on its own. The list isn’t radically different from one’s we’ve seen in previous ‘Of Duty’ installments.

There’s awards for completing certain milestones in the campaign and killing a certain amount of enemies with a solitary grenade, etc…Nothing we haven’t seen before. There is one secret achievement that is not discovered yet however. could be something Call of Duty Elite related, could be something completely random. Either way, expect it to be found out within a day of the game being released on November 8th.

The Special Ops achievements consist of purchasing a certain weapon or completing a certain wave or earning [x] amount of starts. All pretty basic stuff.

Click here to view the entire list of achievements. Let us know what you think the secret achievement could be? I’m betting on big head mode.

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