Internet Explorer 9 Mobile Accompanying Mango Update, Supports Fast Smooth Web Browsing

September 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Happy days are here for Windows Phone users! Along with the WP Mango update you will also get to see the Internet Explorer 9 heading for your mobile phones. Microsoft, which will release the Mango update by the next week or so, is also offering other features which support the web browsers in phones.

Microsoft has stated that they have lined up the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile with a handful of impressive add-ons. In the latest IE 9 version, one notable change we see is the transfer of the address bar to the bottom of the screen.

Furthermore, they have also integrated the HTML 5, a faster JavaScript engine, and hardware support to enhance the graphics in web-based videos and animations.

You will get the new faster interface suited for the smartphone and its small screen. The company believes that the web browser with larger buttons seen on the touchscreen will allow users to navigate smoothly and faster through the websites.

Along with the address bar that has been moved down to the app bar, you can also find the favorites and tabs buttons on the top of the menu options.

To make the web display more comfortable, the time, signal strength and battery life indicator will dissolve to get hidden while you browse. They have also promised that you can enjoy more additional features along with the new web browser.

Wait till next week to enjoy IE 9 Mobile along with the Mango update on your handsets. What else do you think will come along? Let us know.


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