Facebook f8 Conference Rolls Out the Red Carpet to a Host of Changes

September 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are someone who would want to have a close look at the Facebook f8 Developer Conference that got underway a while ago, let’s tell you the conclave brought about a host of announcements like changes in the form of renamed parts of the social networking site and new features.

Facebook does not seem to have created much of a hype among non-developers though.

But for all those who want to know what Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg revealed at the conference, we have a little round-up for you.

The whole look of the social networking site has now changed. Profiles have now transformed into personal Timelines, on the top of which, there is a large, horizontal photo called a cover.

Then there is a “Face” photo which overlaps the cover on the left side, just above all of the person’s personal info. You can scroll down to see photos, posts or other events which can be resized and hidden based on privacy settings. You can also fill in the gaps of your Timeline at any time.

There is a new Ticker stream that contains all activities of people you subscribe to. So the updates do not come in the form of news feeds; you do not sit and frown at the screen.

The next revelation is the Open Graph, which allows for a frictionless experience, serendipity and finding patterns in what you and your friends do.

This means you get to know what is popular among your friends, and experience the discovery without leaving Facebook. Open Graph also lets outside services to create apps that integrate into Facebook’s news feed. Netfilx and music services can be used within Facebook.

Facebook also brings news media into Facebook.  The Open Graph contains apps created by a dozen news organizations to feature their content.

If you thought most of the applications in Facebook are useless, the new Lifestyle apps might make you think again. They allow you to share information about your activities like cooking, watching TV shows and so on.

The last one, you can decide if it is not the least, is the Facebook Social Games. If your friends are playing a game, you can see it on the activity ticker and the real time game board is just a click away.

So this is it. Let us know if you welcome these changes. Or are you still frowning?

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