Apple iPhone 4S Packaging Emerges; iPhone 5 Debut Not Likely Next Month

September 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wonder no more about what Al Gore meant when he talked about iPhones coming next month. You may not get too see an iPhone 5 in October.

Instead, a package of the alleged iPhone 4S has emerged, plus reports that the cheaper version of the iPhone coming next month.

An analyst at the Wedge Partners Bryan Blair, meanwhile, claims that the iPhone 4S is to be the only iPhone revealed in the special event on October 4.

Blair goes on to say that the main focus of the device is the iOS 5, a faster A5 processor and an 8 megapixel camera. There could be a larger 4 inch screen as well.

The company feels that Apple does not need three models in the market. They also said there will be an 8 GB iPhone 4 costing $99, to address mid- and low- end markets.

It seems Apple is following Samsung and Motorola in this case. The casing of the iPhone 4S will be similar to that made for the iPhone 4, with improved antenna.

Back to the packages that have appeared, some images are of the packaging of the iPhone 4S.

It is also claimed that about 3 million of these packages have been manufactured for the initial shipment of the iPhone 4S.

Would you forego the iPhone 4S packing iOS 5 and A5 processor and wait for the next gen iPhone?

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