Sony Tablet S Hardware Looks Unique; Slate Torn Down for a Closer Look

September 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Much has been written about the Sony Tablet S already. But then, a closer look at the device seemed waiting for long. We now have managed a closer look at the slate, and what we see could interest you – in case you are in two minds about buying the device.

The wedge shape of the Sony Tablet S which makes it look like a folded magazine is indeed the USP of the device. But that is not the only catchy aspect of the 9.4 inch tablet.

A teardown of the tablet reveals more structural aspects that add to the uniqueness of the Tablet S and here is why.

The most important of such features is the stiff internal plastic frame which makes the device much more rigid.

The flip side is that this frame must also be removed to access the internal components. But that should not be a big worry. All you need to know is this one does not have that cheap look the other plastic devices come sporting.

Sony has left some space in the mother board for a 3G or 4G card, maybe an integrated version is in the pipeline.

Some integrated chips such as Wolfson WM8903 Audio CODEC,Cypress semiconductor CY8CTMA395 touchscreen controller, an audience earSmart A1026 Voice Processor, and an UEI U122 remote control chip could allow the tablet to function as an IR remote.

Also, the Tegra 2 powered tablet seems to have an integrated chip.

If you are not obsessed with whatever is inside, the Tablet S is extremely compatible compared to any other tablet in the market, thanks to Sony for taking a risk. That looks like gearing up to pay off well too.

What is your take on the device? Do not hesitate to scribble in your thoughts in the space provided below.


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