Microsoft Windows Phone Mango Arriving Next Week

September 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The wait for Windows Phone Mango is finally grinding to a halt. As you already know, two upcoming HTC devices  – the Titan and Radar – featuring the WP Mango version are gearing up for the roll out.

The latest is that Microsoft has confirmed that the Mango update will soon be released in the devices by next week or the one after that as groundwork is fast progressing.

Microsoft General Manager Eric Hautala has stated in his blog post that Windows Phone users need not go for the unofficial or the leaked copies of the software update. That in fact means the update is round the bend.

All Windows Phone users will get the software from the phone manufacturer. The Windows Phone 7.5 update will tune handsets and the apps to the new platform easily. This matched and paired firmware is so properly designed, as your device will work smoothly along with the new smart features of Windows Phone 7.5.

The new versions of both the Windows Phone Connector for Mac and the Zune software for PCs, which were recently released, also receive a mention in the blog.

The company will be refreshing their “Where’s My Phone Update?”  feature on their website so as to let the world know of the global launch status.

Be attentive as the Windows Phone Mango update will reach your phones any time now. Tell us if you chance upon this amazing piece of update.


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