The Mass Effect Movie Will Not Be Based Off The Games

September 21, 2011, By Christian Davis

The studio that brought you incredible films such as 300, The Dark Knight, The Watchmen, Inception, and The Town (just to name a few) have shed some light on their upcoming Mass Effect movie.

During their panel at Comic-Con, many fans tweeted questions that the team was unable to answer at the time, but thankfully they updated their blog with some nice tidbits that should excite you and well….worry you a bit.

Mass Effect is known for it’s great plot and story telling and the game already feels like a film. So when they said that the movie’s plot would be based off an original story, that’s definitely something we didn’t expect at all. Though expanding on the Mass Effect universe isn’t a bad thing and the team said they’d be working closely with Bioware for the project.

There are a lot of characters in the game and fan favorite character Joker (voiced by Seth Green) will also be in the film, however, Seth will not be playing the character in the film. Though it seems ridiculous, Seth just doesn’t look the part. I’d expect Bradley Cooper to be on of the top choices for the role as this film will surely consist of a star studded cast.

The story will be original, but built around the original Mass Effect game.  Legendary Pictures does have one heck of a résumé and you can bet they won’t mess this film up like so many other videogame based movies. Head over to Legendary Picture’s blog to read the rest of the questions asked. Let us know who you’d cast for the Mass Effect Movie in the comments below.


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