Google Goes All Out to Combat Facebook; Introducing +1 on Display Ads

September 21, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you know, Google has been going all out to minimize the rivalry posed by Facebook. The advent of Google + was just one weapon in the search major’s armor.

You all were witness to Google + ushering in a host of features similar to what we continued to play with on Facebook.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google is now introducing the ad feature, akin to what Facebook had introduced already.


Google will introduce
a new “+1” button for display ads, similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’. You will be able to see this +1 option on the ads that appear on your mobile screens and desktops.

At the bottom of each advertisement, you will find a footnote showing how many others have “+1’d” it. You will thus be able to know that a Google+ friend who has +1’d the ad, as it will be reflected along with the friend’s profile image.

This is the first time the company has added social-enabled ads. This follows the revelation of stats that showed the increasing popularity of ad’s recall and engagement.

Popularizing ads on a social context is something that will boost Google+, we guess. By way of this method, if you like an ad and it’s displayed too, normally your friends will also look onto it, thereby increasing the ad’s popularity. The +1 you have done for an ad, content page or search result will be seen everywhere on the web that has the same content.

For advertisers, Google will be providing the +1 button in different ad formats like image, animated GIF, Flash and mobile ads. They will also be compatible with DoubleClick rich media ads, if they are served on or off the Google Display Network.

Those who are not interested in +1 can move out at the campaign level itself. The new Google feature will start rolling this October.

We are just waiting to know if Google ad support feature will impress every one. Stay tuned.

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