Batman: Arkham City Delayed For PC, Have Some Screens To Hold You Over

September 20, 2011, By Christian Davis

Most gamers should be excited for the sequel to the best Batman game of all time, Batman Arkham City. I’m personally even happier that the game will be here in October so I won’t have to juggle the incredibly large amount of games coming out this holiday season. If you’re waiting for the PC installment however, you’re going to have to make some cuts to your potential game’s list. Arkham City was delayed on the PC and will be arriving in November. Just in time for all the other games coming out. All I have to share time with is RAGE. I can manage that.

Somewhat as an apology for the delay, we’re left with some brand new screenshots showing our favorite caped crusader in action. There’s one image in particular that is really interesting and could potentially be a twist to the game. In one of the new screenshots you’ll see Batman and Bane covering each other’s backs as if they’re about to work together to take down some henchmen. So what does this mean exactly? Was Bane the victim of a double cross? Is there a mutual enemy that’s trying to take out both Batman and his villains? Is this a scene from a co-op challenge mode? We could guess all day, but why don’t you tell us what you think in the comments below after you checkout the new images.

For those getting Batman: Arkham City on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, the game will be available on October 18th.

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