Call of Duty: Elite Beta Finally Coming To The Playstation 3

September 19, 2011, By Christian Davis

Good things come to those who wait right? Call of Duty’s social network is finally making its way to Sony’s console. Who knew that their limited exclusivity applied to more than just DLC? The beta has been on the Xbox 360 for over two months now and patient Playstation 3 gamers are finally getting their hands onto one of the biggest upcoming trends in the industry. Of course it’s only applicable to Call of Duty: Black Ops right now but when Modern Warfare 3 launches on Novermber 8th, expect the new service to go into full effect. Don’t have your invite yet? Here’s why:

“Beta testers can take their current Call of Duty® multi-player experience to the next level by jumping into the Beta version of the Call of Duty Elite service, as beta access will start to be activated in stages, with limited invitations rolling out effective today. The PlayStation community will have the opportunity to connect, compete, and improve through Call of Duty Elite and Play Together Better.”

It’s the same process that 360 owners had to go through. You apply and then you wait. Thankfully it doesn’t take long to get the invite though I can’t understand why it wouldn’t just be an open beta. Why limit the social portion of the social network?

To register for the beta click here. Who currently uses the Call of duty Elite beta now? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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