Apple iPhone 4S White Spotted in AT&T Inventory

September 19, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple, it seems, has taken up painting up their products. An AT&T inventory leak has sparked rumors of a white iPhone 4 in development.

An “iPhone 4S White” was seen listed in the carrier’s inventory system among the regular iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 models. So does this mean the Cupertino-based company is dabbing their brush on some new models for class?

Such indications and rumors have appeared earlier too, and we have seen these indications bear fruit over time (not always though). But the names given in the list may not hold any promise to the future phones.

The naming scheme does, most of the time, hold a place for any future models whose official names haven’t been decided yet. That said, the iPhone 4S White might point towards a product without any official name as yet.

Since the world, right now, is waiting for the fifth generation iPhone to grace the markets in October, the current rumor might have to hold fire till we get some solid confirmations. The budget iPhone 4 is also rumored to be released during the first half of October.

AT&T, at this time, would be busy preparing for the iPhone 5 launch. Maybe, if we are lucky, the launch might see the carrier divulging more information about the White beau.

Till then let’s just wait.

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