Intel Chips to Shelter in Apple MacBook

September 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The world’s largest chip-maker will be seen inside the Cupertino based company, Apple. Intel’s next generation chip is expected to merge with one of Apple’s major OS X technology.

This convergence is being made to give root to gaming and financial applications, and we might be blessed with a more powerful MacBook Air in the coming months. The technology is categorized under the name “Core” OS X Technology and it will accelerate applications by gaining in on the special processing power of the graphics processing unit (GPU).

According to Apple, the GPU-centric acceleration will be significant in utilization of financial modeling, accounting applications, analysis on large media files, games, and media applications. This level of processing will hold the GPU at a higher stand than the CPU; especially in gaming.

Intel’s next-generation Ivy Bridge processor runs 60 percent faster than Intel’s current Sandy Bridge chip as a result of the inclusion of more graphics circuits. When Sandy and Ivy are put side by side, several hundred million additional transistors in Ivy Bridge are utilized for boosting up the graphics performance.

We already see the OpenCL in Nvidia’s and Advanced Micro Devices’ GPUs, but none of them are hosted by a MacBook Air. So for a more refined processing, the Apple MacBook needs to update to the Intel processor.

The Ivy Bridge processor supports the faster version of the USB 2.0- USB 3.0. So it remains to be seen whether the Cupertino company will include the USB 3.0 ports too along with their Thunderbolt port.

Intel is reportedly gearing up to have a bulk production of the chip in the first quarter of next year. If they manage to pack up plenty of chips, we might be able to see the new MacBook Airs later that year.

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