Apple iPhone 5 Arrival Imminent with NFC and A5 Processor; Case Spotting Adds Curiosity

September 16, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is widely believed that the iPhone 5 will arrive in a few weeks, and a lot is being talked about Apple’s baby as the excitement is reaching a fever pitch. It is interesting that everyone except Apple itself is talking about the iPhone.

Even as the pointers are all on a late-September or early-October release of the next-gen iPhone, a company called Case-Mate has posted some images of a new iPhone case.

But the images were soon replaced by a curiously cryptic page that said: “We’ll have your cases when you have your new iPhone”. This could well be a PR stunt after all.

We hear  the company is just a few weeks from announcing the new iPhone, and so the cases seem potentially authentic.

It is believed that the new iPhone will be fairly different from the iPhone 4.  A bigger screen for the iPhone 5 has not been confirmed, but it seems it will feature an 8 megapixel camera and a faster A5 dual core processor.

Another talked-about feature is the Near Field Communication, which can be used to make mobile payments by waving the phone over an NFC reader. The incorporation of NFC in the iPhone 5  contradicts what was earlier been spoken about.


If the feature does come to the iPhone 5, it will be all set to take over its competitors like Google and Microsoft, who are trying to push payments through mobile devices as well.

Recent developments, including the production of iPhone 5 reaching 150,000 units per day, sure indicate that the next gen iPhone will be arriving soon. Aren’t you also waiting for the big day?

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