[UPDATE] Halo Anniversary Gets Headlong Remake; Beta For New Title Update Coming October 4th

September 14, 2011, By Christian Davis

Update: We’ve added a video of the level in action at the bottom of the post.

Original Story:

The large construction site from Halo 2 , Headlong, is getting remade for the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition. Headlong, now renamed Breakneck was announced today at Tokyo Game Show and it’s easily a fan favorite from Halo 2, which is still widely considered to be the best Halo game in terms of multiplayer.

Here’s the story behind the location:

HEADLONG – Section 21 once looked out onto the New Mombasa Orbital Elevator with pride and optimism. Now, with much of the city eviscerated by the Covenant’s brutal assault, the skyline remains only a shattered ghost of what it once was. Headlong provides a large, skyscraper-hemmed construction site with numerous vantage points for clever snipers as well as a large central basin for excellent vehicle combat.

This map will still hold 8 to 16 players and will even be referred to as “Headlong” when you play in the games classic mode.

Tagging along with the new map announcement are details about the new title update for Halo: Reach. The update will add a lot of the balances and tweaks that players have been complaining asking about since Halo: Reach launched. Armor Lock and Active Camo have been re-balanced and the option to remove the bloom with the DMR are just some of the things that are being changed. I loved Armor Lock but I can see why there needed to be balancing, but Active Camo and the bloom in the DMR? Not needed in my opinion.

Gamers who want a sneak peak at the update can get a chance on October 4th. The beta is open to all and will appear  as several playlists in Halo: Reach.

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