First Look At Halo: Combat Evolved Campaign Level Pillar of Autumn

September 14, 2011, By Christian Davis

Essentially all of the coverage we’ve been receiving about Halo Anniversary Combat Evolved has been about the game’s multiplayer. Maybe some of you may have forgotten, but the entire Halo: Combat Evolved singe player campaign is also being remastered with shiny new high definition graphics and more nostalgia than a pong remake. The story for the original Halo campaign is something that none of us will forget. It’s widely said to be the best of the franchise and made the Xbox what it is today. So of course, you should be excited for the campaign. It’s incredible.

The screenshots we’ve got below are from the first level of the game, “Pillar of Autumn.” This is when we first make contact with the covenant and realize how the intelligence of the marines that “help” out Master Chief is exceptionally low. The Pillar of Autumn is the iconic ship that you’ve seen being built in the last part of Halo: Reach. It’s the equivalent to the outer space version of the Titanic.

If you haven’t experience the original Halo yet, this is definitely the time to be introduced to an old friend of many long time Xbox gamers. Check out the rest of the screenshots below and if you haven’t played the original title or are just excited to see it remastered, let us know in the comments.

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