Nintendo 3DS in Pink for Ladies

September 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

That’s right. Big N has announced the all-new ‘misty pink’ Nintendo 3DS for the fairer gender.

The 3DS’s customer base is mostly male, so this time they are releasing the pink product keeping the women folk in view. So if you are playing comfortably in your masculinity, then this version of the console is not for you.

The company hopes to generate some interest among the fairer sex with not only the color, but also some games. The pink 3DS will be coming out with some planned new games content such as a sequel to Tomodachi Collection and another Girls Mode title (known here in the States as Style Savvy).

Nintendo’s president, Satoru Iwata, announced the new version but didn’t say when the console will be available in the United States. The turnabouts in colors aren’t anything new as we had heard about the Nintendo DSi XL getting the “Metallic Rose” outlook, so the pink 3DS is just a succession of the company’s plans.

Nintendo hopes to make it a fashion statement with the ladies this year. The console features two screens; a 3.5-inch display at the top for the 3D visuals and a smaller touch-screen display at the bottom.

On the left-hand side of the touch-screen, there’s an analog controller and a D-pad, while the usual four-button array sits on the right. On the right-hand side is a slider that controls the level of the 3D graphical effect; it can even be switched off completely.

There are also three cameras, one above the screens, and two on the other side, which will allow users to take 3D digital photographs. The console measures 134 x 73 x 20mm, which is the same as that of the Nintendo DSi.

Nintendo will start the pink shipment from October 20th onwards in Japan. The price details are not yet known.

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