Google Android Jelly Bean OS Gets Ready Even as Ice Cream Sandwich Gears Up for Release

September 13, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

All you Android freaks out there have been waiting for the latest version of the Google OS dubbed the Ice Cream Sandwich for some time now. Though Ice Cream Sandwich has not yet let any one of you have a taste of it, we hear a successor is already gearing up to come to your midst.

And, the new version will be christened Jelly Bean. Yummy!

We hear the next version of the Google Android OS is in the works, but there’s no word on the version number as yet.

Going by what folks at ThisIsMyNext stumbled upon, some of the ‘game changing stuff the Ice Cream Sandwich was supposed to pack, is now being pushed to Jelly Bean. But not much is known about the big features of the OS.

In fact, Ice Cream Sandwich is Google’s attempt to unify Android’s phone and tablet efforts, now represented by Gingerbread and Honeycomb.

Google has a tradition of naming their Android operating systems after sweet treats in an alphabetical order. They has not confirmed the name Jelly Bean for its next version, but still it seems like a solid choice considering the fact that there not many desserts with names starting with ‘J’.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS is slated for an October-November release, but there is no word on when the next-gen version will arrive. We will bring to you every update on Jelly Bean as and when the story breaks.  Stay with us.

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