Adding, Updating and Removing Android Market Apps

September 13, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Using the Android Market to find and install new apps and games is simple – but do you know how to update or remove software? There are a few features in Android that are less than obvious, and this extends to the Honeycomb release of the operating system, designed for tablet computers.

Many apps regularly require updating as the developers roll out newer, more stable versions, and this information can be found via the Android Market. You can then make a decision as to whether you wish to install the updates or ignore, something that would probably depend on how often you use the app in question.

Removing apps is pretty straightforward, meanwhile, at least as easy as uninstalling on a desktop computer.

Adding, Updating and Removing Android Market Apps

Checking App Updates

As any Android user should know, new apps are installed via the Market (although other app repositories are available) and this is simply a case of using the categories or search tool to find the app  you want, read the summary and reviews and tap Install or Buy to download it.

Via the My Apps screen, meanwhile, you will be able to see a list of installed apps, any software that you have purchased but not installed and any that require updating. By selecting an app that requires updating you will be able to see the details of the app, check what the update does and then tap the Update button to continue. There is also an option to Allow automatic updating, a check box you might consider filling if an app requires regular updates

Via the top right corner menu button you will be able to determine how you are notified about new updates. With the Notify about app updates option selected, whenever an update is available it will appear in the Notifications area with a small Market icon and the message “Updates available”.

Uninstalling Android Apps

There are two main ways to uninstall an app in Android Honeycomb. The first is to head to the Market, open My Apps and select the app that you wish to discard. In the resulting screen, tap Uninstall and the Market should start the process of uninstalling the app from your tablet.

The alternative route to removing apps on your Honeycomb tablet is via Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Here you will find a comprehensive list of installed apps with a nice choice of options for managing and removing them. For instance, an app that has a cache using up space on your tablet will have a Clear data option for emptying the cache. Meanwhile, you will also find an Uninstall button for removing the app.

As you can see, using the Android Market to manage app installation, app updates and app removal is made extremely simply in Android Honeycomb!

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