GameStop Launching Android Tablet Next Year

September 12, 2011, By Christian Davis

Earlier this year Gamestop’s president Tony Bartell stated that the company would be creating a tablet for designed digital games. Since then, we haven’t heard much about their plan.

Today, Tony stated in an interview with Game Industry,  that they’re currently testing the sale and distribution of a GameStop branded Android tablet.

The most interesting part of the announcement was that the tablet will also come with a controller peripheral when we see it in stores.

The tablets main goal is to stream full retail releases and having mobile apps as the second priority. Odds are, the company will use Spawn Labs’ Player Software which they’ve been using for Android devices already. Makes sense right?

GameStop is currently working with developers to create titles that work specifically for their tablet, but we probably won’t hear anything about said developers or what the potential titles will be until sometime next year. This is definitely a good way to get a grasp of the handheld and mobile market but whether it proves to be successful is something we’re all wondering.

We’ve seen what selling your table at a cheap price can do already, so maybe GameStop will follow that same method and bring gamers the cheap yet poweful tablet we’ve always wanted.

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