Android Syncing Email, Calendar, Contacts and Apps

September 11, 2011, By Christian Cawley

One of the great things about the Google Android platform is the ability to sync data between your phone and your Google account, allowing you to share contacts, calendar details and emails between your phone and the Google account interface. Most Android users have the benefit of instant synchronized email (more or less push email), being able to check, edit and utilize their contacts as well as being able to stay aware of any impending appointments and potential clashes in their schedule.

There is more to Google syncing than these productivity items, however. If you use the Android Market, the items that you purchase will be stored on your account, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly reinstall them the next time you hard reset your phone or tablet. This facility also allows you to quickly install these apps on a second Android device.

Android Syncing Email, Calendar, Contacts and AppsAndroid

How Do I Sync Android with My Google Account?

When you first setup an Android phone, you will have the opportunity to either login to your Google account or create a brand new one (naturally an Internet connection is required). This will then automatically sync all of the required data, requiring no input from you. You can then simply use the phone to check your emails, access contacts and calendar information, edit details, et cetera. If any serious or bulk alterations need making to your contacts or appointments then you can spend time working through them on your phone or take the easy route and access them on your computer desktop via your browser.

In Settings > Accounts and Sync you can enable or disable synchronization of your Google account, as well as managing Background data syncing and Auto-sync. To manage the syncing of your calendar, contacts and Gmail account, tap your Google account name; you will then see a list of sync types, accompanied by check boxes. To disable syncing for a specific data type, clear the check box.

Note that you can also use the Add account button on the Settings > Accounts and Sync screen to start syncing with a second Google account. This doesn’t currently work with Google Apps accounts, however.

Syncing Your Market Apps

Whether you’re reconfiguring after a hard reset or switching to a second or new device, you will be able to download the same purchased apps via the Android Market in just a few moments. Get started by opening the Market and tapping the My Apps button. Under normal circumstances this will display all currently installed apps and any that require updating.

When your device is empty and you have signed into it, however, the My Apps screen will show just the purchased apps associated with your account. Listed under a section headed Not installed, these items can all be installed on your tablet by tapping the Install button.

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