Managing Facebook Status Updates

September 10, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Recently Facebook updated the way in which status update posts are made visible, offering more control to users to restrict certain updates to just friends or the public at large. Sadly the implementation of this came out of the blue in yet another of the social networks public relations faux pas, resulting in man people simply thinking “they changed this AGAIN??” and ignoring the instructions.

Managing Facebook Status Updates

However, this is a really cool new option, one that is worth a second look. The controls for this new status update option can be found in the usual update box, although the advanced side of things takes place via the Privacy Settings screen.

Another advantage of this new setting is that you can determine the privacy of previous posts, a useful option if you want to change the way in which you use Facebook. After all, you might have some embarrassing moments on there…

The Importance of Managing Your Status Updates

In this day and age of online profiles and social networking, staying in control of the information that you share about yourself can be the difference between success and failure, in relationships, education and employment.

More and more, people are looking to Google and Facebook to find out information about people. Potential suitors, students, clients and employees are all regularly the focus of searches and with a completely public profile on Facebook you could be inadvertently leaking information about yourself and your lifestyle that may not sit well with others.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure your Facebook profile doesn’t feature any embarrassing photographs or status updates; you can easily purge your account of photographs that show the wrong side of you, while status updates can now be addressed with the new enhanced Facebook privacy tool.

Configuring Private Status Updates

To determine how your status updates are viewed, simply click into the What’s on your mind? field to start sharing your thoughts. When you’re done, click the drop down box which can found next to Post – this is labelled Friends by default. If you’re happy sharing your post with your Facebook friends, go ahead and post the update.

The alternatives are Public and Custom. A Public post is shared with anyone searching the web, and if you don’t have your Facebook status set so that your profile is largely private to the rest of the non-Facebook world or people that aren’t friends, you can use the Friends option to prevent your post from being seen by strangers. Otherwise you would simply use the Public option to share your update with every man and his dog.

Alternatively, you might try the Custom option, which allows you to make the post visible to specific people, friends, friends of friends or even just yourself. Additionally, this feature will also allow you to block people from viewing the status update…

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