Apple iPod Touch White Variant Spotted at Restaurant in China [Video]

September 10, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Leaks, and more leaks. That too, from the tightly-guarded Apple territory! However hard the company’s executives try and prevent devices-in-the-making from sneaking out into the public domain, it looks like the leaks cannot be stopped. We had seen an iPhone 5 prototype lost in a bar in San Francisco some time ago.


The hullabaloo over that incident is yet to subside. As security officials are even more determined not to let anything out anymore, a new device from Apple labs has been spotted  – in China! Folks at MIC Gadgets stumbled upon a white device with the Apple logo on it at a Shenzen noodle restaurant.

Though, they thought it could be a white iPhone that is in the works, a closer look revealed that it is a white version of the iPod Touch.

Found on the floor of the food outlet, the white iPod Touch must have been dropped accidentally by the owner. But then, we know only the iPhone and the iPad have white versions.

The white variant on iPod Touch has not yet even been rumored to exist. The device spotted looks like one that is coming soon; maybe this one is a prototype of a gadget in the making.

But wait before you jump to conclusions. Going by the pictures that have been shown to us, a white sticker has taken the place of the home button. Peeling it off revealed the original black home button. May be the owner was so fond of white that he managed to stick a white skin on the home button.

A much thinner device is what we get to see. The white version of iPod Touch resembles a white iPhone – but a slimmer one at that.

Though the device spotted can’t be confirmed as something that is in the making, we guess Apple could consider giving it a thought.

Take a look at the pictures and a video (posted below) that details the device that was found in the restaurant floor.


iPod touch in white from M.I.C. Gadget on Vimeo.

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