Apple iPhone 5 Case Surfaces in China; Almost Confirms Earlier Talk on Design

September 9, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There’s no end to rumors concerning the upcoming generation of the iPhone. The Apple device continues to stay in the news even as a purported October release has been discussed and debated.

The form factor is known following a few leaks that have come about already. We have heard that the device would resemble the iPhone 4 and will come with enhancements that would lure all iFans to Apple stores.

The latest on that front is the emergence of new iPhone 5 cases in China. The new cases that surfaced from the Shenzhen L&Y Technology stables closely follow the design we all believe would be that of the iPhone 5 –similar to the iPhone 4, that is.

From the pictures, we guess the device would come with a curved back design. Though we are not sure as to whether this one is legit, the design draws a clearer picture of what the device would look like.

The iPhone 5 case in front of us makes us believe that the device might look like the current-generation iPod touch and would incorporate some amount of design elements that was seen in the iPad 2.

Further, the new case also provides slots for volume buttons, akin to what we have seen in the iPhone 3GS. The mute switch has been placed on the right side.

The case design seems to have given the SIM card opening a miss. The case also provides slots for a headphone jack, the dock connector, and speakers.

We would, however, have to wait till we see the device for real. What do you think of the new case that has shown up in China?

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