Adding Appointments to Android Honeycomb Calendar

September 9, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Owners of a new Android tablet should be able to start organizing their lives more effectively with the revised Google Calendar app, a stunning full page calendar tool that displays all of the dates and appointments that are programmed into your Google account and any other accounts that you have synced.

Offering a choice of views and appointment types, the new Android calendar is as flexible as anything you would expect to find on a desktop computer and naturally syncs everything you add back to your Google account so that you can observe the changes via the web and have them shared to other devices such as a Google Android phone or perhaps a Google account synced with Thunderbird.


Let’s take a look at the steps required to add a new appointment to the Google Calendar…

Navigating Google Calendar in Honeycomb

Before adding a new appointment, let’s check out the navigation options in this native app. When you launch from the apps screen you should see three views listed in the top left: Day, Week and Month. As you would expect, these switch your view as appropriate allowing you to get a different look at your calendar depending on the appointments or the way you manage your workload.

Each view will highlight the current day, and you can scroll left and right or up and down to view other dates and times, depending on the view you have chosen. If you get lost, simply tap the second button in the array of icons in the top-right corner, next to where the currently displayed month is labelled; this button is like a grid of six squares, one larger than the other, and will return the view to the current date.

In the top-right corner the menu button offers Refresh and Settings; this second option allows you to alter some minor view settings such as choosing the first day of the week, configuring notifications, etc.

Adding an Appointment in Google Calendar on Android Honeycomb

To add a new appointment, either tap the appropriate button (the third option in the top-right corner) or tap and hold a day or time slot on your calendar.

This will open the settings box for the appointment which you should start off by adding a name for the event. You should then select which calendars to add it to if multiple calendars are available in this account before moving onto the start and end date and times. You can also specify a time zone for this event to take place in, and if the event is expected to take up a full day then the event can be configured to take up a full day in the calendar rather than just a block of hours.

Your event location and description can be added, while any repetition details can also be added to the event to save you from adding it again in future. You can also set reminders and even add guests, a very easy way of creating the appointment as a meeting request, and when you’re finished simply click Done to add the appointment. Next time your tablet is online, you will be able to sync the calendar with your online Google account and access it from any device.

If viewing from Honeycomb, meanwhile, simply tap the appointment to see the details. With notifications activated via the Settings menu, upcoming appointments will be displayed in the Notifications area.

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