Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet-Friendly OS to be Shown Next Tuesday

September 8, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablet makers will soon get yet another OS to play with when they make their new slates. We hear Microsoft is fast gearing up to unveil the new Windows 8 platform for tablet devices. The tablet-friendly interface had given us a few hints of what it would be like, but nothing much had been revealed with regard to what all it would carry along when it finally arrives.

The unveiling of a tablet PC with Microsoft Windows 8 inside is expected to happen next week at the proposed annual conference of Microsoft in Anaheim. The event to be held next Tuesday will focus more on Microsoft’s version of the OS which will look to battle the likes of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS.

The new version of Windows on a tablet computer will be what we also will be looking forward to see on that date when the company shows it off to independent developers at the conference.

The upcoming touch-enabled tablets running Windows 8 are expected to hit the market in about 12 months. Apple and Google might now be looking on how to counter this new tablet with more enhancements in their creations.

The general buzz is that the ushering in of Windows 8 in tablets will be laudable in case they bring in the much-needed fillip to the touch-screen innovation. If they don’t really do that, Microsoft will have to look at something bigger in their innovation.

The app scene is another area where Apple and Google now hold some clout.  If Windows 8 is to be recognized above the iOS and Android devices, Microsoft may have to beat the 425,000 apps that can be accessed by the iPhone and iPad users, and also the 250,000 apps offered for Android users.

With just 30,000 apps now offered for Windows Phones, Microsoft may have to don a more aggressive garb with their Window 8 OS.  There’s much more that Windows 8 needs to do. Do you agree?

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