Call of Duty Elite Official Pricing and Details

September 6, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Call of Duty Elite is the new digital social service for the Call of Duty community. This new social service acts as a competitive hub for Call of Duty players and will be accessible via console, smart phone, tablet, and web when it launches in November as an integral component of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Elite will also be backwards compatible with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty Elite gives players control and flexibility over their multiplayer experience. Members can join and create groups based on anything from their hometown, favorite sports teams, or even favorite t.v. show, and connect with those similar players and join that group. Elite users can create and manage a private clan and track clan mates from virtually anywhere including in-game. You can also connect with other players by uploading and sharing  HD video directly.

Multiplayer competitions is the core of the Call of Duty Elite service. Call of Duty Elite features the ability to hosts community wide events and operations for casual and hardcore gamers. Fans battle for real life prizes including iPads, LCD TV’s, and even a custom Call of Duty Jeep. Multiplayer competitions are available and managed by a live service team 24/7 year round.

Call of Duty Elite will have 2 services; Free and Premium. The free tier includes the ability to create custom groups, browse, and upload to the Call of Duty Theater. Players can also access detailed strategy guides to help their game. The free tier also allows custom class creation over mobile apps for tablets, smart phones, and the ability to invite Facebook and Elite friends to battle.

The Premium tier amplifies multiplayer to an experience that is unprecedented to any other game. When you purchase the premium tier you get all of the features from the free version including: Modern Warfare 3 DLC first, including all MW3 Map Packs, with twenty pieces of new content exclusive to premium members on a monthly basis over a 9 month period. With Premium tier you can also level up a Clan with Clan competitions and Clan Operatives, official leagues and events, only available to premium users. Call of Duty Elite TV will deliver premium episodic video content and exclusive entertainment crafted by famous actors such as Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and executive producers Ridley and Tony Scott. Premium users also get 8 times the amount of HD upload capacity compared to free users.

Call of Duty Elite is set to release November 8 with the premium tier set for $49.99 annually.

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