Apple iPhone 5 Prototype Loss Triggers Job Listing for New Product Security Managers

September 6, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When valuable, yet-to-be unveiled, stuff gets stolen or is lost, what do you normally do? You call the police, right? The Apple employee who lost a prototype of the upcoming iPhone 5 at a San Francisco bar called Cava 22 has forced the fruity company to think beyond that. They are looking for people who could work as New Product Security Managers!

Yes, the company’s hiring. Apple has listed two new job postings and has called for “New Product Security Managers.” Apple is serious about the latest hiccup, it seems. So what will the new recruits have to do once they are hired? The listing elaborates on the task:

“The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property.”

What the bosses at the Cupertino major look for in the applicants is a track record in problem-solving. Also, we guess, whoever hopes to be hired should have the ability to stop further embarrassments such as the Cava 22 incident happen again.

Though the two New Product Security Managers will have their seats at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, they will have 30 percent of their time for travel as per the company’ requires them to – be it domestic or overseas.

Further, the two new recruits will be responsible for maintaining the plans and procedures set forth by the company , and will also need to contribute to new security strategies themselves.

If you are looking for all what Apple wants the applicants to have, here goes:

The ideal candidate should have a proven record of:

  • Simultaneously working with multiple constituencies, balancing disparate priorities, problem solving in high-demand situations, defining and establishing attainable measures of success, and regularly achieving positive outcomes in large-scale business environments.
  • Accurately assessing physical and logical security implementations and making actionable risk management recommendations that consider impact on corporate culture, business operations, system architectures, manufacturing processes, and employee workflows.
  • Formulating, and successfully implementing, a variety of security technologies utilizing industry-recommended practices and/or risk frameworks.
  • Building and maintaining trusted relationships with internal and external business partners.
  • Mitigating risks associated with multi-tiered electronics supply chain.
  • Team leadership and contribution in a matrixed environment.
  • Exceptional communication and relationship-building skills.
  • Strong analytic skills.
  • Conduct and manage large-scale security and risk assessments.
  • Design sustainable strategies to mitigate risk and define associated metrics to measure overall performance.
  • Experience developing and delivering security awareness programs.
  • Strong, practical understanding of strengths and weaknesses of enterprise risk management frameworks and international security standards.
  • Solid project management and engagement management skills.


Now, that’s a huge list. Apple indeed has taken the embarrassment to heart. They don’t feel like going in for another round of ridicule.

In short, the new recruits will need to make sure that nothing – absolutely nothing for that matter – goes wrong in future. So when an iPhone 6 is planned, it needs to be completely under wraps.

Meanwhile, the lost iPhone 5 continues to be eluding Apple and the police. Let’s hope some breakthrough comes about soon.

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