Best Buy Leaks Suggest 2 Possible Release Dates of Apple iPhone 5

September 5, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have already had numerous rumors surrounding Apple’s fifth generation iPhone. More talk has emerged, though we see some amount of contradiction in the release dates there. Two rumors we hear tell us that the iPhone 5 will be arriving next month at Best Buy – but both talk of contradicting dates. Read on.

While one of those reports says that the iPhone 5 will be available in the first week of October the other says October 21 is the big date. Folks at BGR say that a tipster knocked on their door with a leaked Best Buy document labeled “Promotional Activity” and carrying  “Week 9/4” subhead. Going by that report, we tend to think Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores are anticipating taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 starting the first week of October.

The leaked note says that Sprint will be offering the iPhone 5 at launch and goes on to add that “Apple product information/Launch dates are subject to change”.

Meanwhile, Apple enthusiasts at This Is My Next also talk  about an October release of the iPhone. However, pointing out a tip they received, they talk of a mysterious “Apple fixture” that is scheduled to be installed at an unnamed Best Buy location on October 21. The site displays a screenshot (pictured alongside) that shows what may or may not be an authentic online Best Buy National Retail Calendar.

The report says that Best Buy Mobile managers have a meeting scheduled for October 10 to discuss upcoming big release dates.

Basically, we have two possible release dates, both in October. But Apple is still silent as the tech press and the world is going all gaga over the arrival of the phone. Hope the Apple bosses come out with an announcement soon. Till then, it’s just rumors all over.

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