Sony HMZ Personal 3D Viewer Allows Solitary 3D Entertainment; Head Mounted Display is Futuristic

September 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Here is a new combo of Sony and 3D, a wearable 3D theater dubbed ‘HMZ personal 3D viewer’, which is all set to debut in Japan on November 7. Sony Corp said that the head-mounted display that provides a 3D theater of music videos, movies and games targets people who prefer solitary entertainment rather than sitting in front of a TV with family or friends.

So how exactly does this work? HMZ which stands for ‘head mounted display’ is like a chunky two-in-one futuristic visor with goggles and earphones. You just have to put that on and you are all set to get the ‘immersive experience of a home theater or the equivalent of sitting in one of the best seats of a movie theater’.

HMZ uses Sony’s OLED screen, which relays superb image quality and color, compared to the more prevalent liquid crystal and plasma displays used in laptops and flat-panel TVs.

However, the gadget is not recommended for people under 15 years of age, because some experts believe overly stimulating imagery is not good for teenagers whose brains are still developing.

It has been pointed out by Sony that consumers are growing more accustomed to 3D these days, with the arrival of 3D TVs and game machines. If you remember, the most popular movies last year were in 3D format.

HMZ is likely to arrive in the US and Europe probably by Christmas. However, we do not have an exact date as yet.

Sony’s initial challenge was to ‘make a very small display without compromising image quality’. For the future, the concern might be as to how many people would want to buy the device. Would you rather sit alone wearing a little helmet?

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