Apple iPhone 5 Prototype Lost in a Bar; History Repeats Itself

September 1, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

After a rather unprofessional act of losing a prototype iPhone 4 at a bar last year, you thought Apple would be more careful to not let history repeat itself. But it happened again – an unreleased iPhone 5 has been lost in a bar, again.

This time, the iPhone 5 was lost at a San Francisco tequila lounge, Cava 22 (pictured below), sparking a recovery mission by Apple security.

Apple electronically traced the iPhone’s signal to a home in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, and the cops along with Apple investigators visited the home. The twenty-ish owner gave permission to search the premises, but the iPhone 5 prototype could not be found.

The owner of the Cava 22, Jose Valle, said that a man called him multiple times about a lost iPhone about a month ago. But the iPhone could not be located. He told the man he would call him back if ever he found the device.

From what we get to hear, the prototype of iPhone 5 is virtually identical to the previous version of the iPhone, and there is no way anyone can tell it is not an iPhone 4 – based on the exterior, that is. The device got lost despite Apple’s extraordinary steps to protect their prototype devices.

Apple had lost a prototype iPhone 4 last year which fell into the hands of tech blog Gizmodo. But Apple decided  not to press charges against them.

Apple – yet again – has declined to comment on the issue. They have also not officially announced the launch of the iPhone 5 which is expected to happen this October.

Is Tim Cook wondering whether he took over Apple at the wrong time?

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