HP Pre 3 Gets No Price Reduction; Customers Frustrated

August 31, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP, as you are aware, sold their TouchPad tablets for just £89 ($145 US) last week. Subsequently, those who expected something similar to happen with the Pre 3 were sorely let down. Yes, HP attempted to sell off the remaining stock of its webOS smartphone, but the huge drop in its price was simply a no-show.

Rumors had been flying around about the availability of the device for just £46 $75 US), and later at £100-120 ($163-$196 US), but various phone resellers admitted that such price cuts had not been confirmed. However, a punter had said he was told by HP representatives in the UK that a ‘substantial’ price cut was on its way.

Many began cancelling pre-orders for Pre 3 claiming that they had now been told that HP was now retaining all stock in order to sell the handset itself. HP then emailed some pre-order punters stating that there has been no price reduction, but they have a Pre 3 allocated for them in full price. It said they could cancel the order if they wish.

On another side, folks at RegHardware heard a customer claiming that he was advised at the time to pre-order at the full price of £299, so he would be in queue for a low-cost Pre 3 when they became available. But HP took the full amount off his credit card immediately.

The net outcome is zero price reduction; HP never announced a price cut in the first place. But HP could have come out with a clarification a little earlier to avoid this annoying imbroglio. What do you think?

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