Google TV Service to Reach UK in Early 2012

August 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google TV’s flight to the UK, which was flying on the rumors of six months, has received added support from Eric Schmidt. The executive chairman has confirmed that Google TV will be launched in UK during the early part of 2012.

With Google TV, both the web and TV content will be served on a TV screen via a browser. The service did not exactly get the ovation it expected when it released in the US.

The service got mixed reviews and led to its blocking by three of the top US broadcast networks. A major chunk of the television industry view Google’s service with suspicion and also blame them for stealing the industry’s advertisement revenues without contributing to the cost of making them.

Google has been looking to make it big in the television market by expanding its online advertising business to the big screens. But despite owning the most popular online video site, YouTube, the company hasn’t made such a notable progress.

The British television regulators, who according to Schmidt, are more stringent than their US counterparts, were given a sort of warning by the executive chairman. He said that,

“”Stifling the Internet — whether by filtering or blocking or just plain turning the ‘off’ switch — appeals to policy makers the world over,” he said. “Instead, policy makers should work with the grain of the Internet rather than against it.”

Many manufacturers of the Google TV Service in the US have slashed their prices, including Logitech and Sony. With a negative setback in US soil burning in their minds, it needs to be seen whether Google can make a lasting impression in Europe.

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