Cross-Posting from Twitter to Facebook; Try This Out

August 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

You are there on Facebook and you are there on Twitter. You have obviously felt the need to cross-post. And, you already know there are many a means to cross-posting for Twitter and Facebook. But you think of it more as a headache rather than a shortcut, because every single status update on one of them automatically goes to the other. What you need is restricted cross-posting and someone somewhere has thought of helping you out.

Now there is a simple way to automate the posting of the same thing on Facebook and Twitter, without having to cross-post every single update. Here is what you have to do.

Login to Facebook and go to the app page for the third party Selective Tweets app. Then enter your Twitter username to the box there and click save.

Once that is done, go to your Twitter page and log out and then log back in. if you do not do that, you will get an error message telling you to log out the first time you try to cross-post.

Doing that much gives you the ability to cross-post only what you want to be cross-post. Here is how exactly it happens.

If you want your Twitter post to be on Facebook also, just add the Twitter hashtag #fb at the end of your post. Then the post will appear on your Facebook profile page as well. If you do not want your Twitter post on Facebook, simply do not add the hashtag.

And if you include a URL link in your update, twitter will automatically shorten your link from the t.codomain; the shortened URL will appear on your Facebook page.

There you go. Now you do not have to worry a bit about annoying your friends with never ending cross-posts.

Tell us if you are trying it out.

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