Amazon Tablets to Cost Less Than iPad

August 29, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon tablets have been doing some rumor rounds of their own. We have been hearing about the company’s Android powered slates, which will be the first for them into the tablet industry.

The company is set to enter the market with their Kindle strategy.  It seems the Amazon tablets will be having a low price tag when they enter, just like the Kindle eBook Reader, so as to increase sales.

There are rumors flying that Amazon would be selling their slates for “hundreds less” than what the iPad 2 cost. It does seem to be a clever move as they look to make their tablets popular, and might be a factor for success.

It’s said that the company is working on two models of tablets: the “Coyote” and the “Hollywood”. The Coyote is an entry level model with a dual core CPU while the Hollywood is a high-end device which packs a quad-core processor.

These tablets, along with the Android operating system, will be integrated with Amazon’s services like the Amazon App Store, the Kindle eBook Store, Amazon’s Cloud services and many others. With a package like this, and a price tag to match, Amazon might have a winner on their hands.

Most of the tablets available in the market either cost the same as an iPad or more. So if Amazon succeeds in this endeavor, then we might see an iPad rival blooming.

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