Editing Captures with Snagit

August 28, 2011, By Christian Cawley

If you’re looking for a way of editing a captured image in Snagit, the app features a very useful image editing tool that will enable you to make the majority of changes that you could possibly need.

For instance, if you wished to direct someone’s attention to a particular area of the screen grab, you can overlay a shape into the image (such as a square or circle) to direct the eye. Similarly, you can create arrows or add text.

Snagit will also allow you to resize and crop the images you have captured, useful if you weren’t able to get as close a trim as you would have liked. Various other options are also available, such as creating a watermark or spotlighting a particular area of your captured image.

Editing Captures with Snagit

Of course, you don’t have to rely on first capturing an image in Snagit to then use the Snagit Editor – any JPEG, Bitmap or PNG file you might have on your computer can be opened and edited with this tool!

Using Drawing Tools in Snagit

Either by launching the Snagit Editor from the Quick Launch console or as an automatic action when you capture a new image you can start using the drawing tools provided.

These can be found on the Draw tab, and a wide choice of options are available, such as a standard selection, shapes, lines, text, freehand, highlighting, and several others. Using these tools is really simple, too.

For instance, if you wanted to highlight a particular section of text in an image that you have captured, you would simply select the Highlight Area tool and then select your preferred style. It is then a simple task to left-click and drag a box around the area of the image you wish to highlight. You can adjust the corners if necessary if your highlighted area is too large.

If you feel that the highlighting is too dark, meanwhile, select Effects > Opacity and alter the weight of the selected color.

Crop, Resize, Rotate and Trim an Image

What can you do if the image that you captured earlier is a little too large or is in the wrong orientation  for your purposes? Fortunately, Snagit features some useful options for fixing this on the Image tab.

For instance, you might wish to crop the image down to just the main area that you wish to focus on. This is easily done via the crop tool, which allows you to focus on an area of the image by dragging the placeholders on the top, bottom and right sides of the capture. You can also use the Crop button to select a specific area of the image and copy and paste this to a new image if necessary.

Resizing images is something that often needs to be done, and the Resize tool in Snagit allows you to resize both the image and the canvas (the background that is left when you crop, trim or delete a section of the image).

Finally, rotating an image is a simple case of using the Rotate drop down menu to select the type of rotation that you want.

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