Tablet Owners Mainly Male, According to Nielsen Survey

August 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Do you think the tablet or eReader is a guy thing? Or is it just for the younger lot?  Well, you would have had more like-minded folks last year.

Research firm Nielsen’s latest study on mobile connected device owners has brought forth results very much different from the last survey. According to the data collected, in the Q2 of 2011, 46 percent of tablet owners are under the age of 34 while 19 percent are over the age of 55.

Back in the Q3 of 2010, 62 percent of the tablet owners were under the age of 34 and only 10 percent were over the age of 55. When eReader owners were considered, it was found that 65 percent of the eReader owners are above 34 years of age, which is an increase from the 55 percent in Q3 of 2010.


Smartphone users over the age of 55 have increased from 16 percent in Q3 2010 to 18 percent in Q2 2011. Among women, Smartphone adoption increased from 47 percent in Q2 of 2010 to 50 percent last quarter, making an even split between male and female owners.

Whereas, Tablet adoption increased from 39 percent to 43 percent and eReader adoption jumped from 46 percent to 61 percent in Q2 2011. Overall, the Tablet industry mainly caters to a male customer base, while the eReader has a fair share of female customer base.

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