Razer Unveils New $2,800 Blade Laptop

August 26, 2011, By Christian Davis

Usually when you think Razer, the first thing that should come to mind are excellent PC accessories such as mice and headsets. They’ve even made critically acclaimed controllers as well. Razer is getting tired of that and have hinted at this before with the reveal of the Switchblade last year. What’s the next step for Razer? Their own 17-inch gaming laptop known as the “Razer Blade.”

We’ve seen gaming laptops before but if you know anything about Razer, it’s never ordinary. What sets this one apart? For starters this laptop is one of the thinnest gaming laptops out there being less than an inch thick and weighing less than seven pounds.

The most unique feature of this laptop is what Razer is calling the “Switchblade UI.” Like the Razer Switchblade that was revealed last year, the upcoming gaming laptop has an assortment of pre-programmed LCD keys that can be customized to display specific graphics for the games you’re playing such as Star Wars: The Old Republic or World of Warcraft.

Even the Switchblade UI has been modified though. New to the interface is the LCD trackpad. Like the LCD keys, the trackpad can be programmed to view chats, watch Youtube videos, or display custom graphics.

All those things are fine, but what kind of power are we talking? It is a gaming laptop after all. Standard, the Blade comes with a dual-core Intel Core i7 CPU that comes clocked at 2.8GHz and can be over clocked to 3.5GHz. For graphics, it has an NVIDIA GT 555M with 2GBs of GGDR5 RAM, and comes stock 8GBs of DDR3 RAM. For storage, the laptop will come with a 320GB 7200RPM hard drive, which can be expanded with an external hard drive via either of its two USB 2.0 ports or dedicated USB 3.0 port. Naturally, the Blade comes with an 802.11 b/g/n wireless card and Bluetooth 3.0 support. This is the only model they have available so if you’re wanting more, it may not happen.

As you can tell from the title, the Razer Blade isn’t cheap at all. $2,800 is not cheap but if you happen to have a spare $3,000 lying around, then you should be set.

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