BlackBerry OS Leak Reveals Android Open Source Copyright Notice

August 26, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wow, this one comes along with pretty confusing questions! RIM felt the need to give credit to the Android Open Source Project. What? Yes, there is a copyright notice in the lately leaked BlackBerry OS, which gives credit to Android. But why?  Well, maybe RIM is using some of their source code for BlackBerry 7, the key word being ‘maybe’.

The latest leak of the OS 7 on the BlackBerry torch 9810 includes the copyright notice in question, in the ‘About Device Versions’ settings page. The credit given to the Android Open Source Project comes with all rights reserved.

There have been such copyright notices before for WebKit, fonts, and the new Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, but one for Android is not exactly obvious.

And let us make it clear that BlackBerry OS 7 is not the QNX OS that will be running on the BlackBerry Playbook. You need not mix up the two; this copyright notice has nothing to do with BlackBerry supporting Android apps via a handy app player. That is about QNX, not the OS 7.

This is the whole picture as of now. We cannot be sure if BlackBerry is using Android or not, without the release of some source codes.

So until then, you are free to think wild. But do not get hung up with it. we will bring you the news as and when it is announced (or leaked).

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