Samsung N102 Twin of N100 with Windows 7 Onboard

August 24, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung had launched the N100 notebook in July as a simple and affordable device on the MeeGo platform. The one major hassle that the netbook encountered (even though it seems like a small one) is with regards to its operating system.

For those of you who do not prefer the MeeGo operating system, but still are interested in the device, Samsung has come up with an easy answer. If the MeeGo platform is not to your taste, then you can opt for the Windows 7, which Samsung has laid down in their new gadgets.

Samsung’s new N102 notebook is much like the Samsung N100, the difference being that the new arrivals carry Windows 7 Starter Edition instead of MeeGo Operating System. The rest of the specs list runs the same.

N102 runs the same ATOM N435 processor that operates at 1.33GHz, coupled with the graphics of Intel GMA integrated.

It sports a 10.1-inch LED display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 and 1GB RAM and storage of 250GB 5400 rpm HDD. Other features include a 4 in 1 memory card reader, VGA out, USB ports and a 3 cell battery.

For those of you who work mainly in the light, there is a nice anti-glare coating for the screen. The machine weighs about 1.03kg, which isn’t much of a weight.

While the price of N100 is not officially confirmed in Europe or the US, some Russian and Indian websites are reportedly tagging it with $200. The price of N102 is pitched at $299, though that too is not a confirmed price.

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