New Screenshots For Dishonored Have Snuck Their Way Onto Your Screen

August 24, 2011, By Christian Davis

The more I see the screenshots for Dishonored, the more curious I get. Arkane Studios looks like they’re doing an impeccable job with the game. Though we still haven’t seen any gameplay, we can tell that the supernatural assassin is going to do a lot of sneaking.

With each batch of screenshots we get, a bit more of the world is shown along with something rather interesting. For example, we saw the deadly stilts also known as Tall Boys in the last batch and now we’ve got people wrapped up like cocoons.

These characters have some sort of plague apparently and it’s going to be pretty creepy seeing those bodies lying everywhere. The mummified people (shown above) remind me of a scary Japanese horror film that I’ve never seen because I’m too scared to watch. If it’s anything like said film, looks like I’ll have another Dead Space incident and drop my controller from screaming or turn off the TV and run out the room. Fingers crossed Dishonored won’t have me relive those moments.

Check out the rest of the screenshots below. What do you think is infecting the civilians of dishonored? Let us know what you think.

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