Phone Buttons Broken? Try Button Savior!

August 23, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Pretty much all mobile phones come with a selection of hardware and software buttons, and the vast range of Android devices is no different. As long as these buttons are working you shouldn’t have any problems – but what if a button stops functioning correctly for whatever reason?

For instance, you might find that your menu button sticks thanks to over-use, or the back button fails to respond at all. The obvious solution would be to get in touch with your mobile phone manufacturer or the company you purchased it from, but this could prove costly in some cases, and will certainly leave you without a phone for a few days!

As is always the case with mobile phones, an enterprising app developer has come up with a way of reducing the amount of use your hardware buttons receive. With less use, the buttons on your Android phone can last a lot longer thanks to the Button Savior app, a useful tool that creates software buttons on your Android device display.

Use Button Savior to save your hardware buttons unnecessary wear and tear!

How to Find Button Savior

In order to use this smashing app, you will need to head to the Android Market on your phone or tablet, and search for the app, which is suitable for any Android device running version 1.5 or later.

Ideally you should have rooted your Android using a tool such as zRoot, but if this isn’t possible, you shouldn’t worry as Button Savior can replicate the functions of the most important buttons without rooting your phone. (Root users will get the benefit of phone, camera and search software buttons, however.)

Once downloaded and installed, Button Savior will be available on your Android device via the apps list. Simply tap the icon to get started; various configuration options are available, while a replacement button menu can be summoned as a screen overlay by tapping the small arrow that will now appear on the side of your phone’s display.

Configuring and Using Button Savior

This very handy utility has various configuration options, allowing you to switch it on or off, select a theme, adjust the method of tapping to open the menu, as well as adjust the icon position along with your choice of left or right sides of your phone.

The real beauty of this app is that it will appear no matter what app you are viewing. What this means that you can summon the software buttons on the menu whenever you need them, perfect for when a hardware button on your phone isn’t working or responding.

For instance, if the home button isn’t working on your phone, you would simply tap the small arrow to open the Button Savior menu and tap Home to return to your phone’s home screen. It’s as easy as that!

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