Microsoft Xbox 360 and Windows Phone Bridge for Gaming

August 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

How much more exciting can it get? An Xbox 360, a Windows Phone and cool games to swap in between. Microsoft, at the GameFest, has shown the novel way by which game content can be shared in between the console and the handset. This should be as good an answer to those with doubts as to how Xbox Live on the mobile OS would interact with their Xbox 360 consoles.

The demonstration was done using Kinectimals, its upcoming interactive game for kids. The process utilizes on-screen QR codes, which the gamers can scan using cameras in the Kinect sensor and Windows Phone, and this readies the customized content for rapid sharing between the two models.

The fun aspect is when you can transfer your animals from your Xbox to your phone. If you wish your dog to be with you wherever you go, then just scan the QR code with the Kinectimals app, and you will find that the very same canine is generated in your phone.

David Treadwell, the Microsoft vice president introduced the crowd to the demonstration, keeping in view the “connected companion experiences” that the company is aiming to bring out in gaming. The Vice President also outlined natural user interfaces, which revolve around Kinect’s motion sensor, and cloud services as the company’s highlighted areas.

Hit the button below for a view of the demo.


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