Apple iPhone 5 Reported Geographically Compatible with Dual-Mode

August 23, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The most anticipated phone as well as the most talked about one, the iPhone 5, reportedly is a dual mode system. The news isn’t exactly a surprise, as it comes after many a flown rumor, but the supposed feature does bring a smile to our faces.

Apple’s upcoming smartphone is said to support both CDMA and GSM networks, which will allow it to be operated in most parts of the world. The information was snagged from registration logs by an unknown app developer, and the logs point to mobile network codes (MNC) and mobile country codes (MCC).

These codes can be identified with the two major network carriers in the US: Verizon and AT&T. Even though Apple’s list of Wireless carriers includes the two companies, the Cupertino company has not yet released any devices that would operate on both networks.

Verizon’s iPhone has always had the CDMA/GSM system, though it wasn’t activated. AT&T’s iPhone 4 works on the global wireless network that is GSM, which is also the standard in Europe.

Many are assuming that since the iPhone 5 holds dual-mode capability, it might not be supporting LTE. But contrary reports suggests that Apple’s developer for iOS 5 has a label with a code that might point to LTE.

With a packet of rumors and surprises, the iPhone 5’s likely emergence in October should be able to raise some fireworks.

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