Nokia Symbian Anna Update Makes N8 Camera an Absolute Charmer

August 22, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Talk about the best getting even better. Nokia N8, regarded by many as the ‘world’s best camera smartphone’ is offering you more than the best. Nokia has officially announced the Symbian Anna update recently, and this comes with a worthy bunch of improvements.

Of course, the camera is getting better. The video recording speed has been increased to 30 frames per second, from the original 25 frames per second. The additional 5 fps basically results in a smoother video delivery.

The camera improvement also includes continuous auto focus; the noise due to continuous auto focus is reduced to a large extent using a noise filtering system that specifically extracts noise pattern from the audio signals, emitted by the piezo lens drive. And, this does not mess with N8’s audio recording capability.

Another feature is the introduction of grid lines in the cinematic ratio 2.39:1, a big add on for those who love shooting video.

It’s not just the camera that gets bonus points; you get to see some other subtle improvements too. This has been done with a view to making things simply easier for the N8 users.

Settings can be accessed from the main toolbar, which means there is a single access point for features and settings. The settings you use less frequently have been grouped together under the settings button in the toolbar. These ultimately make your work demand easier.

You can experience all these first hand. You only need to make sure your N8 has the Symbian Anna update. Go for it guys!

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